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SPA508G single-button blind transfer

We've got a small SIP-based telephony setup centered around an Asterisk server. We had been using SPA942s, but when adding to the setup recently we chose to use the more recent SPA508G.

These are sufficiently similar that most of the setup is now working correctly, but I'm running into one issue that I can't seem to resolve. The SPA942s had been configured so that when on a call pressing one of the configured line keys would perform a blind transfer to that number, and I can't seem to replicate this behaviour on the SPA508Gs. The new phone instead puts the current call on hold and speed-dials the configured extension, meaning that the user must perform an attended transfer. This means that the person receiving the transferred call does not see the actual originator's caller ID, which is an issue for us.

Is there any way to resolve this? I can't see any reference to configuring this behaviour in the admin manual.

For reference, the current line key extended function is as follows:


(BLF, speed dial and call pickup all work as intended, except when attempting a transfer as above.)

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SPA508G single-button blind transfer

Also, having just tested, pressing the blind transfer softkey then the line key has the same result; i.e. the current call is put on hold and a new call is made to the speed dial number.


SPA508G single-button blind transfer


I'm having the same issue with our Ciscos, SPA50x and 525G2 series.  On an incoming call on a 525G2, we have two softkeys, "Transfer" and, if you right-arrow over to the next set, a "BlindXfer" button.

The "Transfer" key works as a consultative transfer and works correctly with a monitored extension key configured almost exactly as yours is.  However, when I attempt to use the "BlindXfer" key with the same monitored extension key, it shows the same behavior you described.

I did notice that the Transfer key and the BlindXfer key have two different dial tones; the BlindXfer tone sounds similar to the tone played when accessing feature codes defined in the Feature Services Dial Codes.

Have you made any progress on this issue?


SPA508G single-button blind transfer

Hi Charles,

Unfortunately, no. I can only assume the firmware doesn't (for whatever reason) support this at the moment. If anyone from Cisco reads this thread, could I request that this feature be added in a new firmware version?


SPA508G single-button blind transfer

Hi everyone,

                    I have the same issue with SPA303 and SPA504G. Looks like they remove the feature when rebranding Linksys phones to Cisco brand. The best I managed to do is as following:

Under "Phone" tab, go to "Programmable softkeys" and change "Connected Key List" to only "xferLx|4;".

By doing so, if you press a button configured  as "fnc=sd;ext=123456@$PROXY;vid=1;nme=whatever_name",

the whatever_name phone will ring, the call is puted on hold, and your own phone will show "xferLx" just under the button. You press that and the call is almost blind transfered.

It is still a two step transfer, but it is the closest way I found to replicate the old behavior of a one button blind transfer..

Maybe Cisco will *fix* the mistake they made on a future firmware.


Re: SPA508G single-button blind transfer

I am looking a solution for that too. It is an old topic, but still the problem exists: caller id of the original caller is not passed with xfer to internal phone...