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SPA509g - create dial plan routing to another extension on phone ex #2

My organization has the SPA509g telephone.  We have two of the 12 extensions configured on the phone.  The problem we are having is the four vertical buttons on one side of the phone belong to PBX #1 and the four vertical buttons on the other side of the phone belong to the PBX #2.

On each side the settings are the same: Top Light is the Line and the three below the line are BLFs extented functions.  The problem we are having has to do with the routing of calls when the BLFs are pressed.  When the BLFs for PBX #1 extensions are press the phone is programmed to speed dial that extension.  It works perfectly.

THE PROBLEM: when we press a BLF associated with PBX #2 it tries to put it through PBX #1 and naturally fails.

I have tried every setting I can think of, but how can I make it so when you press a BLF it dials on the 2nd extension and not the 1st?

The current extended funtion is: fnc=sd+blf+cp;sub=2500@;nme=2500

For example:

Extension 1 - PBX #1 follows extension format: 1xxx

Extension 2 - PBX #2 follows extension format: 2xxx

When a BLF for extension 2 is pressed it tries to go over line 1 hence it fails.  If I turn off the extension and reboot the phone it will workl  But when I turn it on again the problem is back.

I have tried to play with the dial plan for extnesion 1 to say: (2xxx!|) hoping that it would refuse that call pattern.  It does refuse to make the call, but unfortantely it never routes that call over extension 2 as long as the line 1 is enabled.

There must be some syntax I can put in to make this work.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks