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SPA512G Second External Caller Makes Transfer Option Dissapear

Hello. I have an asterisk call server and about 100 spa512g phones deployed and i have a problem (small for everyone BUT the receptionist for whom its HUGE). Lets say receptionist is person 1 and an external caller is person 2. Person 2 calls and asks for person 3 who is an employee. If while the receptionist (person 1) and the external caller (person 2) talk another external caller (lets say person 4) makes a call then the receptionist can only toggle between person 2 & person 4 without being able to transfer the call to any one else.

I have tried the programming buttons feature with no result. I also saw on the administration guide that i could change the Line Navigation option to per call instead of per line but there is NO such option in my web-UI. Is that a Cisco bug or not? I am using SIP mode.

My final solution would be to create queues on my asterisk server but i would prefer to make the xfer button reapear and work normally. I am using firmware 7.5.3.

Any help (including any programmable softkeys hints, everyone makes mistakes i could probably have) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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SPA512G Second External Caller Makes Transfer Option Dissapear

You are correct in in the 'per line', 'per call' option.

Details at

You should be seeing this in the Phone tab under Miscellaneous Line Key Settings.

Did you go into the web UI as admin/advanced?  That login should show everything.


SPA512G Second External Caller Makes Transfer Option Dissapear

I have indeed logged in as admin/advanced and still it is not there. In the meantime i have found out that when i increased the lines to 6 (from default 2) the per call navigation auto worked. Probably in the 512g and 7.5.3 firmware cisco changed the appearence of the menu. I have seen many changes in the 50x documentation and the 51x implementation of stuff. 51x series documentation though is scarce.

Thanks a lot for your help anyway. Problem solved.