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SPA525 Reboots and poor audio


Since we have implemented the UC500 systems at multiple sites I have consitently received complaints regarding the SPA525 model phones in regard to poor audio quality, delayed button response, and constant reboots. I dont receive these complaints on the SPA509 or SPA504 phones. I have sent the end user some 79xx model phones to compare against and I am in the process of capturing logs to identify the root of the issue but I am curious as to other peoples results. Is the SPA525 harware/software trying to do more than it is capapble of? Is it faulty hardware or software, or is this not the experiance of the majority? Currently we are running 7-4-3 firmware. Any thoughts?

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Darren DeCroock

My first suggestion would be to upgrade your firmware version.  There have been some improvements in audio quality with the newer releases of the firmware.  The latest release of the firmware is 7.4.7, which was just released last week.  You could also try the previous version if you like.  It was version 7.4.6.

We are also having issues with one of our deployments with a UC560 and SPA525g phones.  They are running the 7.4.4 firmware and I have heard multiple complaints of the phones rebooting themselves multiple times during the day.  We are using out of band configurations so I am needing some help in installing the latest firmware using the CLI and was wondering if anybody was having the same issues with the rebooting issues and if the firmware fixed it.

Here are the steps to manually load the firmware to the UC. I copied this from a older how the firmware mention is older but you get the idea of how to do it manually.

Download and unzip the spa525g-7-4-3.bin to you TFTPD32 root directory. Within your UC500 console enter enable mode. Issue the following command:

copy tftp:spa525g-7-4-3/spa525g-7-4-3.bin flash:/phones/525/spa525g-7-4-3.bin

In this case I am copying the firmware file from my TFTP server. tftp:spa525g-7-4-3/spa525g-7-4-3.bin indicates that the firmware image is in a subdirectory of the TFTP servers root. flash:/phones/525/spa525g-7-4-3.bin indicates that I will be placing the file on the flash drive in sub directory /phones/525/. If this phone load was not loaded with your Software Pack, you would have to create this directory first.

Now move to configuration mode.

conf t

Issue the following command:

do show run | begin alias