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SPA525G Bluetooth headset audio issues


When I use a bluetooth headset with my SPA525G, there are two huge problems.


First, the audio is scratchy, dropouts, etc.


Second, when the call starts, the person at the other end says I sound like I'm under water.  After 10 seconds or so, it starts sounding better.  BUT - then the volume in my ear gets louder and louder.  I haven't touched the volume control.  I finally have to move the earpiece off my ear.


So to sum up - at first too quiet, then noise starts creeping in, then the volume in my ear gets way too high.


I have loaded the latest firmware available as of 2021-02-10 - v7.6.2.f BT.


HELP!  Otherwise this phone works great, but this is a deal breaker.

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