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SPA525G - Firmware 7.4.7 and 7.4.8

After updating to 7.4.7 and 7.4.8 I found that the video monitoring links stopped working.  You can see that there is an option for it, but when you select a video feed to see it does nothing.

Reverting back to 7.4.6 corrects this behaviour.


Hi Reid,

I have tested (and using frequently for demo) the video monintoring on FW v7.4.7 and v7.4.8 without any problem.

What I did see sometimes is that the cameras may get different IP addresses making the link in the SPA525G config broken. So this is something I would check on the first place.

Besides that, can you please provide the error message appearing on the SPA525 screen when you unsuccessfuly try to connect to the video stream?

I guess you are using PVC2300 or WVC2300, aren't you?

Thanks and best regards,

Zsolt Benko

We have about 3 video feeds from various cameras ( 2 x PVC and 1 x WVC models ).

All video feeds are configured using the provisioning profile.

I tried turning off provisioning and reconfiguring but the same result is seen ( selecting a video feed only shows a black screen ).

By pushing the firmware back to 7.4.6 the black screen behaviour goes away with no adjustments to the phone made.

Let me know if there is anything further that I could provide to assist in troubleshooting this issue.

Bluetooth is not enabled, is it (I am told the two are mutually exclusive)

We have both bluetooth and wifi activated for all the phones as part of the profile roll-out as we offer bluetooth headsets with the phones for those who wish to have it.

Can you try disabling it?

I'll setup a phone and load that firmware onto it.  I'll let you know shortly how that goes.

Confirmed:  The 7.4.8 firmware with the bluetooth turned off will allow the video monitoring to work.

Of course, this is not really a fix as opposed to the engineers knowing that there is a connection between the two.

Yes, this is what I was told by the Engineering team (Design Intent).

I know I was being very brief (from my iphone) but I wanted to try to see if this was the issue.

Steve D

TSA, U.S. Partber Sales

Is this something that will be addressed in the next release?

Unless the behavior was broken (used to work in a previously release, and is now different  - regression) I think this is not viewed as a bug to fix, but if you open a case with SBSC and file a case, perhaps it can help influence product direction and priority.  But at this point I am not sure if its even feasible to do.