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Is there an updated guide for the SPA525G that can explain how to use the new features such as the SSL VPN?

For example, what is the correct format of entering the "VPN Server"?  is it just an IP address?  https://? what are the requirements?  is a certificate a requirement?

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Marcos Hernandez

Why not use the VPN setup Wizard included in CCA 2.2?


Does the wizard also step you through on how to connect a SPA525G to the system?

Yes, it configures everything on the SPA525G phone.

Marcos, Thanks for the info.  I will try the wizard.

I am working on setting this up in our office to take the 525G to a site for a demo.  The phone will get plugged into their network and come up as an extension on our system.  That is the way it is intended to work.  The problem is we have a 3rd party firewall in the mix.  The WAN port of the UC500 has an IP on the LAN side ( of the 3rd party firewall.  There is a public IP mapped to the UC500 WAN private IP through the firewall.  I am guessing when the 525G gets plugged in remotely,  it will try to connect to the instead of the mapped public IP.  Can I change the phone to point to the other address?

Is it possible to use the SPA525G's internal VPN capabilities when the UC520's external/WAN IP address is not static?  My WAN IP is obtained from our ISP via DHCP, and I in turn use DDNS to ensure that the DNS name is current.

Tried using CCA 2.2(2) with UC SW Pack 8.0(2) Phone VPN Wizard, and it didn't like the DHCP WAN.  Is there some CLI workaround to configure SSLVPN using a hostname (DDNS) to define the UC520 head-end?  Don't see why it wouldn't be possible to then configure the SPA525G with a hostname instead of static WAN IP to allow itself to call home and setup the voice connection.

Thanks, Kirk