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SPA525g won't Register with UC540

Hye All,

I have a UC540 and SPA525 IP phones. The phones are DHCP enabled and the DHCP server is at the level of the UC540.

The phones do acquire ip addresses fron the DHCP server but they do not register. The show ephone command tells me that.

The firmaware of the phone: 525g7-4-8.bin.

Does anyone has a clue why the phones won't register



I'm having the exact problem with a 525G and a UC520. Connects just fine after manually configuring the wireless connection; receives an IP from DHCP and I'm able to access the phones configuration page via IP. However, I'm still unable to get the phone to register. I've already created the Ephone-dn/Ephones but still no registration.

Any ideas?

Hi Jason,

This is someone coment I found on the web. Still to test it

"I was recently deploying an UC540 platform, out of the box and the  phones we received from distribution were a blend of SPA525G and  SPA525G2.  The G2's will NOT work with CCA Config.  in fact, they refuse  to register with the CME in the UC540.  You will see this error message  on a 'debug ephone register'

000175: Feb  4 21:15:17.563: New Skinny socket accepted [2] from 0, sub 1 (1 active)

000176: Feb  4 21:15:17.563: sin_family 2, sin_port 4539, in_addr

000177: Feb  4 21:15:17.563: skinny_add_socket 2 4539

000178: Feb  4 21:15:17.607: fStationSPCPRegisterTokenReq received on socket 1

000179: Feb  4 21:15:17.607: Invalid Device Id 80009

000180: Feb  4 21:15:17.607: StationSPCPRegisterTokenReject sent on socket 1

If you try to configure using CCA on a FRESH platform the workaround is  NOT necessarily to upgrade to 8.0.5 as recommended by STAC, but to go  into the CLI and DELETE THE EPHONE entries that you added using CCA.

You should also turn on the auto-register fearture in the  telephony-service.  Once you remove the ephone entries and let it  auto-register, things work well and the phones will register.

Just a note for those of you banging your head on the desk trying to get them lit."

I recomend downloading the latest firmware for the phone as it does not appear in CCA. Odd's are your phones will take too long to boot as it's looking for firmware that isn't there. You probably just need to change the ephone types to 525G2 (see bottom of post)

show telephony shows:

load 525G2 spa525g-7-4-9c

How to....

setup your tftp server

Download the firwmare for the phone (I used

Unzip the file (spa525g-7-5-4.bin and spa525g-7-5-4-bt.bin) into the folder that your TFTP Server points to.

Make a folder for the 525G2

cd flash:/phones
mkdir flash:/phones/525G2
copy tftp flash:/phones/525G2

Enable the files to be delivered:

tftp-server flash:/phones/525G2/spa525g-7-5-4.bin alias spa525g-7-5-4.bin

tftp-server flash:/phones/525G2/spa525g-7-5-4-bt.bin alias spa525g-7-5-4-bt.bin

Tell the UC that this is the phone load you want delivered to the phones:

telephony service
load 525G2 spa525g-7-5-4-bt

(spa525g-7-5-4-bt includes Bluetooth and spa525g-7-5-4 doesn't, you can only pick one. I like to have both available)

Make sure that the ephone type is 525G2 on all the ephones that are 525G2. Mine were all setup as 525G too). Update all the ephones to change the types to 525G2. You can do a script to restart them as you update too...


ephone 7

type 525G2



ephone 8

type 525G2



ephone 9

type 525G2



ephone 7
type 525G2
ephone 8
type 525G2
ephone 9
type 525G2

Figuring out the CDP issue now . I'm having to tell each phone that it need to use the voice vlan. My fault to editing the CCA deliver to match existing vlans. I would have hoped that this would be an editable feature by now... Even worse that this phone and system have both been out for a long time and to not have any firmware for 525G2 available in the CCA is not nice!

CSCtd26844 Cisco 500 phone registration fails when ephone tag is 56 or greater.

Symptom After a license upgrade from 48 to 64 user license on a UC520, the Cisco 500 series phone registration fails with the following errors in debug ephone register output:

Error: Device Id 80000 Configured Device Id -1 StationSPCPRegisterTokenReject sent 
on socket 4

Conditions Problem is seen when registering any 500 series phone to a CME on UC520 platforms. The problem only occurs when the ephone tag value for this phone registration is 56 or higher.

Workaround Use an ephone tag that is of lower numerical value. Ephone 55 or lower will work.