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SPA525G2 and Mitel 5000 CP - Attended Transfer Fails

Howdy all,

I have recently added a SPA525G2 to our existing Mitel 5000 CP.

Let me start off with the comment that this is very nearly a perfect IP phone. If it had a gigabit switch instead of 10/100 it would get there

I have it working on the Mitel switch -- I can make/receive calls, get voice mail indications, etc...

I have only one feature that's giving me fits -- Attended Transfer.

On the Mitel we have two options for performing transfers -- Transfer to Ring (3345) and Transfer to Hold (3346).

I use the *3345 for blind transfer, and it works exactly as expected.

However, for the attended transfer, I have yet to get it to work right -- I cannot transfer the call after the user picks up... it only tells me that the transfer failed, and then I cannot get back to the calls.

Troubleshooting settings I have played with:

SIP - Hold Target Before Refer, Keep Referee when REFER Failed

SIP - NAT SUpport - Handle VIA, Insert VIA

Regional - Referral Services Codes (*3345)

Extension - Blind Attn-Xfer Enable

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