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SPA525G2 - Can't see pressed keys/ chars - Connected State

I have CISCO SPA525G2 already deployed at several clients premises (FW 7.5.1a).

Unfortunately we’ve found a blocking issue that we hope to solve faster:

  • Fail to show dialed alphanumeric characters in the Connected State, eg:
    • IVR interaction don’t displays the characters pressed and heard by the user
    • Conference call PIN isn’t showed when the characters are pressed and heard by the user

I’ve tried to change configurations on customized soft keys but no results…current configuration is:

<Connected_Key_List ua="na">hold|1;endcall|2;xfer|3;bxfer|4;conf;crdstart;crdstop;xferLx;confLx;park;phold;flash;</Connected_Key_List>

Last testing was with 7.5.4 firmware and no results.

If this is firmware related the only thing that you need it’s to copy the behavior of on HOLD to show the line with chars as you press some key.

Does anyone from CISCO could help with this ? I've already opened a case at and no response...

Thanks in advance,

João Silva