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SPA525G2 - Little Sign of Life Today


I awoke to my trusty SPA525G2 showing little sign of life this morning. Hadn't even gotten to the recent firmware update; it's been running 7.6.2SR5 since early last year.


As of this morning the screen is black, the Message Waiting Indicator is a slow blinking red. and Line Keys 2, 3 and 4 are all a dim red.


I removed power for an hour, then tried both reset methods: power on and press the speaker key three times, power on and press the speaker key twice every second for 60 seconds. Still no change in status.


Can anyone suggest anything that might help to bring life back? There appear to be no physical reset buttons, etc. If I open it up, does it have a CMOS battery or anything like that which may help to remove to reset it?


Please help!!! Thanks, Gang.


Best regards


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Dan Lukes

Thanks, Dan. If I read that correctly, the Diagnostic Recovery Reset is reliant on the phone actually having some kind of boot state? Upon power-on, there is no sign of life from the screen; only the blinking message indicator light and the three low-lit line keys,

I definitely tried the three-presses of the speaker button upon power on, to no effect. Also tried power-on then two-presses of the speaker button every second for a minute, also to no effect. Still a black screen, and the red lights

Either the phone is facing hardware issue (for example broken display, I has replaced some in the past) or even loader/boot block code is broken badly. Diagnostic reset is the most powerful reset I know. If it doesn't work, there's not so much I can advise. All following hints have not so high chance to solve the issue. Check power source, the power adapter may be partially broken. Check network activity of the phone - it may try to fetch something from network. Phone display may be broken, try to replace it if you have spare one. Consider phone dead, replace it by other one ...

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