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SPA525G2 phones - Phone Firmware Configuration Utility


I'm troubleshooting an integration of two (2) SPA525G2 phones with UC320W. One of the things I want to do is upgrade SPA525G2 phones firmware.

Currently, these phones are using SW 7.4.8 version and I want to upgrade it to 7.5.2 to see if it helps to fix the integration. According to "IP Phones Models SPA301, SPA303, SPA501G, SPA502G, SPA504G, SPA508G, SPA509G, SPA512G, SPA514G, SPA525G, SPA525G2, and WIP310 - ADMINISTRATION GUIDE" (URL, page # 16, one of the ways to upgrade the firmware of these phones is using a phone firmware configuration utility, but I've not found it yet on the cisco support comunity. I did find the last version of firmware but not the utility.

Where can I download that utility? url?

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions

I would return the 2 units to your vendor  since -RC skus are special and should not have been sold with UC320W.

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Cisco Employee


If the SPA525G2 phones are connected to UC320W the phone firmware is bundled into the UC320W firmware.

The UC320W will load the supported firmware load and features for the SPA525G2 phones.

Once the UC320W detects the SPA525G2 phone it will automatically install the firmware version that is supported by UC320W.

One additional point, opening a web broswer to the SPA525G2 IP address, the firmware upgrade option will not be displayed (locked out) when connected to UC320W.

The phone firmware configuration utility

is for SPA30X and SPA50X phone models and is included in the phone firmware zip file on



Randal, thanks for your reply. But that is the final goal: get working these two phones with the UC320. I have other 10 SPA504 and one SPA508 working great, but the SPA525G2 don't get registered at all, and 'mute' light on the phones are blinking all the time, menaing no connectivity. One of the recommendations on the troubleshooting guide is update the phones to the last firmware, but because I can not do that through the UC320, I need to do it locally, on a separated subnet. I set static IP and I found the web inetrface of the phones themself, but it doesn't allow me to do any ADMIN setting.

That is why I need that utility to upgrade them locally. Any idea where to get it?

Again, thanks.


The UC320W should detect the SPA525G2 phone via CDP and assign an IP address via the voice VLAN (as your SPA504 and SPA508 phones do).

Try factory default SPA525G2 phone and retry. You can also try to disable CDP on the SPA525G2 phone and save the configuration.  One last item is SPA525G2 could be a -RC sku and are for Service Provider deployments but the units should still obatain an IP address upon bootup.



I have done several factory reset but it doesn't take the IP from dhcp and finally, you can't even go through the menu using buttons.

Good point! The two phones have -RC sku, so at the end, they won't work integrated with the UC320W,

am I correct?


I would return the 2 units to your vendor  since -RC skus are special and should not have been sold with UC320W.

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Thanks a lot Randy.

In the Administration Guide above refered, it is explicitly mentioned THAT utility for the SPA525G2 phones but anyway, you have saved me a lot of time with the point of -RC sku. I will return them to the distributor right away.

Again, truly grateful.