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SPA525G2 Questions: Backgrounds, & Downloads


I am installing a UC560 8.1 and have been getting acquainted with its nuances.  When I plugged in a SPA525G2 it will not update to the 7.4.9c firmware on the UC560.  At the time the 525G2 was running 7.4.7.   Is there any special gotchas I should be aware of?  I dont have any other types of phones handy to see if this is related to this phone type or a system setting.  I do see that the phone attempts to download the firmware via the phones screen, but it blinks by quite quickly.  I am able to update the firmware by using the phones web browser, but would like to be able to push out updates via the CME.

If I use a CP7970G on the UC560 it downloads background images from the CME.  The SPA525G2 does not seem to have this option which I find odd.  Thoughts?

Last item.  The help instructions on the UC560 say that jpg, gif, and png background files are all acceptable file formats.   But if I go to the Telephony>Customization>Desktop  and attempt to upload images, it only accepts png.  Documentation error?

Thanks in advance


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