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SPA550S Attendant Console "blinking" out, losing power

I have a customer that has 2 attendant consoles, monitoring the maximum of 50 lines. Several time a week, the receptionist reports that the consoles are "blinking" in and out, most often briefly, but at least once a week, for up to 2 minutes.

During the longer intervals, the lines will come back up, but the BLF's will shift down one postion. The customer uses the portal to re-align the number back to match where they should be.

This is a multiple T1 customer, so we have ample bandwidth. The handsets exhibit no problems during these intervals.

Call traces indicate no problems, and I cannot "see" the consoles behavior in any recordable, thus actionable format.

I have set this up on both an on-net phone, and an off net phone, using a differnt provider's bandwidth to try to get my phones to imitate. I have seen my consoles "blink" a couple times today, on a single, on net T1.

Anyone seen or resolved this before?

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