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I've been trying to figure out how to offset the light pattern of the LED's on the phone.

We have about ten SPA509G phones running, but when someone is on the light, or when everyone is on the phone, they light up red on all of the lines.  If a call comes through, it blinks red everywhere.  I've been trying to figure out how to change this behaviro.  If you don't already know who is on the phone, then there is no way to know if you should asnwer it, or if someone else will.

I found the

Line Key LED Pattern
Idle LED:    Remote Undefined LED:   
Local Seized LED:    Remote Seized LED:   
Local Progressing LED:    Remote Progressing LED:   
Local Ringing LED:    Remote Ringing LED:   
Local Active LED:    Remote Active LED:   
Local Held LED:    Remote Held LED:   
Register Failed LED:    Disabled LED:   
Registering LED:    Call Back Active LED:   
Trunk In-use LED:    Trunk No Service LED:   
Trunk Reserved LED:   

Settings, along with following

I figured out how to make local lights (lights which correspond to the user) works.  I however have been unable to get the Remote LED's to do what I want.

As an example for one of the LED selectors:

Line Key 9
Short Name:    $USER
Share Call Appearance:   

Extended Function:    

The Shared Call Appearance is set to Shared; while Extension is set to Disabled.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I could edit, or MacGyver to get this to work the way we need it too?


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