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SPA8000 - Rings, Can Answer, But No Voice


I have an SPA set up and I can call amongst lines 2-8, but when the phones connect there is no sound, no voice, nothing.


For instance, I call line 3 from line 4. Line 3 rings, I pick up and a connection is made. There is no voice. If I push buttons on line 4 and can hear them locally on line 4-- but line 3 does not hear it. If I push buttons on line 3, I can hear them locally on line 3 but cannot hear them on line 4. I hang up either phone, the other phone does not seem to notice.


If I dial **** on either line, I can interact with the menus. Any idea on getting the lines communicating with each other? Below is my call plan.


<5152950008:108>S0<:@>| )
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