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SPA8800 FXO Trunk Activation Dial Plans.

     Greetings. I have an SPA8800 with 4 FXO trunks, I  want to know how to activate each trunk so the call goes out respectively,  basically the first 2 trunks go to one PSTN c.o for regional calls and the other 2 trunks to a different provider for international calls, I  know the dial plan is the key here in order to activate  each trunk  properly however I haven't been able to configurethem successfully and cisco small business center says they don't support this type of configuration but I am very interested in how this would be done, basically I want to be able to dial for example  101 to activate the call to go out FXO 1...or dial 102 for the call to go out FXO 2 any insight on how the dial plans would be set up would be much appreciated, thank you for your time .

Currently under the line 1-4  I have dial plans (xx.)    would this be turned into  (101,xx.)  in order to activate FXO-1?  What about digit stripping how would this be done?

What about the dial plans on the FXS parameters? how would this affect the default dial plan


Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir;

With the information you provide, I think what you are trying to do is not supported by the box. The way SPA8800 is designed to work is as follow:

- Each FXS port is linked uniquely to a FXO port (FXS 1 to FXO 1), and to a SIP account. So each FXS port can setup calls over its SIP account or FXO port (e.g. you cannot setup a call from FXS 1 to FXO 4).


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