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SPA8800 is unable to register FXO lines with BE3000


Does anybody know how to use FXO lines on SPA8800 to allow users of Business Edition 3000 to make outgoing calls to the PSTN?

I have installed Business Edition 3000 and now I have to connect it to PSTN. I've bought an analog gateway SPA8800.

SPA8800 have been successfuly registered (provisioned) with Business Edition 3000, downloaded its configuration, but FXO lines have registration status as "Not Registered".

FXS lines registered successfuly and they have registration status "Registered".

What is the reason of such strange behavior can be? Maybe, FXO lines don't have to register in order to allow BE3000 users to make PSTN calls?


You can find screenshots in the attachment.

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To answer your initial question. FXO Trunks do not register with BE3K.

FXS devices will register with BE3K.


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Hi Shabalin

  Please check he the firmware version of SPA8800. It should be version 6.1.7 or later, prior to setting up analog trunks and lines on the Cisco Business Edition 3000. Firmware can be downloaded from

For more details on SPA8800 setting Analog trunking (FXO) to the PSTN please refer the admin guide, using the given link.

Please feel free to reach us if you still having issues with SPA8800 .

Thanks for reply, Chandra!

Yes, SPA8800 gateway has 6.1.7 firmware version (screenshot in attachment)

I've followed the procedure of provisioning from this guide but the gateway's FXO lines can not even try to register.

Could you describe the procedure (steps that I need to do) of connecting PSTN analog lines to BE3000 through SPA8800?

Configure the Related Connections on the Cisco Business Edition 3000 GUI

You must configure the SPA8800 device in the Cisco Business Edition 3000 first, and then add Phone 1 or

Line 1 for the SPA8800 device.

Use the following procedures to add, edit, or delete SPA8800 connections on the Cisco Business Edition 3000


Add SPA8800 connections from the PSTN Connections page

Perform the following procedure to add SPA8800 connections from the PSTN Connections page:


Step 1 From the PSTN Connections page, click the Add PSTN Connection... button.

The Add PSTN Connection window appears.

Step 2 Choose the connection type FXO, and then click Next.

The Device options appear.

Step 3 Select SPA8800 from the Device Type drop-down menu, and choose Add Device from the Device drop-down


Step 4 Enter the MAC address, IP address, and description. The name is derived from the MAC address. Click OK.

The new device is now listed as an option under Device in the Add PSTN Connection window.

Step 5 Select the new device from the drop-down list and click Next.

Step 6 From the drop-down menu, select a service provider. Click Next.

The Connection Settings appear.

Step 7 Enter the appropriate connection settings and advanced settings.

Step 8 Click Finish to complete the addition of the device.

Edit SPA8800 connections from the PSTN Connections page

Step 1 To edit a connection, choose Edit for that connection, as shown in the following illustration.