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SPA9000 + SPA3102 - PSTN line request while on use, rebound and loss of call


System consists of the following components:

• 1 SPA9000

• 1 SPA3102

• 16 SPA922 (extensions 101 through 116)

Incoming PSTN calls go to a hunt-group (extension 120)

Configuration of SPA9000 with SPA3102 as per attached document

Problem (using extensions 101 and 112 for ease of explanation only)

  1. Extension 101 on outside call
  2. Extension 112 dials 9 to get outside line, dials number and then gets message “System unavailable”
  3. 20-40 seconds later all extensions in the incoming-call hunt-group ring and the ongoing conversation on extension 101 is cut-off and the call goes on conference until one of the extensions picks-up the call. Extension 101 loses communication with outside line until extension 112 picks-up call. The screen on both extensions shows the image in attached file.
    +51 (1) 440-3516 is the label of extension 150 (extension 150 is the extension programmed on SPA3102.)
  4. If user of extension 112 hangs up, call is dropped, or left as if on hold. If user on extension 101 hangs up, call remains with extension 112.
  5. Happens with all extensions in system.

Issue happens in two different systems

System works fine, besides this issue.

I would appreciate it if somebody has an answer for if I cannot resolve the issue I will have to replace both systems completely (SPA9000, SPA3102, and all extensions) with a new one out of my pocket.

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