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SPA9000 & SPA400 - Basic questions


I have a few questions regarding SPA9000 and SPA400 box.

1) Is there an EOL for these product coming soon? How reliable are these product in compare to UC500 products.

2) Which ITSP is recommended by Cisco, or has done an interoperability with (I have tried two, Vitelity and Gizmo5, none works). Can we get recommended configuration on ITSP configurination.

3) SPA502G phone seems to have problem connecting incompare to SPA525G, which are easily recognized by the SPA9000.

4) Is there any known problem for SPA900 wizard to not able to recognized SPA400 box, is there an option in SPA900 Wizard to provide the IP address of SPA400?


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Frequent Contributor

End of life info

We don't have specific recommendations on ITSP, but it should work with most SIP based providers.   As far as configuration, the easiest way to do this is to use the spa9000 wizard.

For your spa50x phone, it may be that the firmware is outdated, by running the wizard, it will check if the firmware is out of date and update it as needed.

The spa9000 wizard should also automatically find the spa400 and configure it.

One  recent issue that was found is that if your spa400 is going through reboots, change the ip address of it from static to discover after the wizard has completed it's changes (as the wizard sets the spa9000 and spa400 to static).

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