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SPA942 BLF in Sipxecs

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi all,

I have a customer with 2 SPA942's connected to a Sipxecs IP PBX. CTI is enabled on both phones, still the configured Line Key remains Solid Amber.

I was able to find a thread showing that this is an issue with that specific PBX and the SPA942. However, I was wondering whether there is a special syntax for the extended function within the SPA942. Also, what server type could the Sipxecs be - Broadsoft, Asterix or else?

Thanks for any feedback!

Borislav Atanassov
Cisco Small Business TAC
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We recently purchased a significant number of the cisco spa500 series phones for use with sipXecs...   Everything works well with the exception of busy lamp fields.   Did you have any success with making this work ?  We have a sipx server that we're willing to make available for the purpose of testing and determining how this will work... 

Thanks in advance..

Hi there!

That's exactly what I am trying to figure out too:) Clearly the Sipxecs is a third party PBX and therefore not supported. However, it is valuable to make the BLF work if possible.

First I thought it was a syntax issue with the special function on the SPA itself.

Anyways, the list of supported IP phones on the Sipxecs' site does not show any Linksys/Cisco phones.

Borislav Atanassov
Cisco Small Business TAC


I also have faced with BLF service problem. I have a customer who planned to buy about 150 SPA9x2 IP phones. Purchase should be made in case IP phones will show compatibility with sipXecs during testing. We used latest stable version of sipXecs (4.2.1) and latest firmware for SPA9x2 phones (6.1.5a). SPA phones have successfully passed all tests except Call Pickup and BLF. Because of a problem with these services the customer now doubts about purchase of SPA phones.
I have tried to study a problem, but just have understood implementation of Call Pickup and BLF is slightly different in SPA9x2 phones and sipXecs. I have found issue about these services with the detailed description of a problem ( From time to time compatibility of sipXecs and SPA phones is discussed in the sipX mailing lists, but unfortunately nobody seriously work on a solution of a problem.

I had liked SPA phones and hope that compatibility problems will be solved soon. Can somebody tell me how to make feature request to SPA9x2 phones firmware developers?

Thanks in advance.


Since I have written to this thread, it was viewed by tens of persons. Unfortunately, nobody has added any technical details about a problem with BLF feature support in Linksys SPA9x2 phones and sipXecs. Therefore I have decided to write about the reason of a problem which I have found with help of sipXecs developers and users (see discussion "XX-7011 Linksys SPA-942" at
Because of errors in current firmware (6.1.5a), SPA9x2 can’t work correctly with Dialog Event subscriptions. After sending of one NOTIFY message about state of a line which phone should monitor, phone stops to send NOTIFY messages. Usually phone sends initial NOTIFY message which finishes a subscription (see packets #15 and #33 in the attached file "sipXecs-SPA942-BLF-test-Broadsoft-SIP-B-initial-NOTIFY-filtered.pcap"). Sometimes it can be NOTIFY message about the beginning of connection (see packet #17 in the attached file "sipXecs-SPA942-BLF-test-Broadsoft-SIP-B-early-NOTIFY-filtered.pcap"). But anyway phone doesn't send more than one NOTIFY message. Therefore sipXecs doesn’t know Linksys phone’s line state and can’t update the information in the resources lists.

My test configuration
sipXecs version 4.2.1 IP address:
SPA-942 phones with extensions 203 and 209 IP addresses: and
SIP-B support enabled and on both SPA-942 phones.
On both SPA-942 phones "Broadsoft" is used as Server Type for Line Key Extended Function.

Sincerely yours,
   Alexey Kanukhin

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