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SPA942 + Cable router based on DOCSIS 3.0


Hi guys

I am desperately trying to connect my SPA942 phone with my phone provider Cablecom in Switzerland. I am connected to their network via a Thomson Router TWG870 and using their service for internet, cable tv and analog phone - everything works perfectly with the exception of my IP Phone.

I tried various configurations via the phone's web browser interface. It is noteworthy that I do get a dial tone. Whenever I dial a number, the display says "Calling" but does not make any sound. Finally, after approx. 20 seconds the busy signal occurs and "Call ended" appears on the display.

Cablecom is unfortunately not proving any support for the device - can you help me?

I do have full access to router admin console with features such as port forwarding etc. if needed.




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Hi David,

Thank you for posting. You did not mention anything about a VoIP provider. Have you registered the phone to a provider? If so, have you contacted that provider to verify the proxy server, username and password?

Hi mpyhala

Yes, I have two lines registered with Cablecom and the router also comes with two RJ-11 ports for analog phones - one for each line. I actually use an analog phone conntected to one of these ports.

As I can see via admin access to the router, no SIP url, ID or password is configured at all. That is apparently all done by the provider based on the router's MAC adress. All I can see is that the router has the two lines preconfigured under Line1 and Line2 - thats all. In addition, I received an SSID and a password tied to the device - however, both are not configured in the router as I can see via admin access.

The router does not even has the feature to specify a VoIP server etc. - I guess that is because it runs on the DOCSIS standard. However, that fact that I get a dial tone on my SPA942 makes me optimistic. There should be a way to make it work.

Thanks for your help


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