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Speed-Dial vs Local Directory conflict on SPA5XX with SPA500S connected

Hello all,

Once again, I need your help on something that hopefully can be fixed...

We have a UC560 setup where about 8 users have SPA525G2 phones with a SPA500S extension connected and about 30 others phones that are either SP525G2 or SPA504 phones without any SPA500S connected.

Now, the problem I have is the following :

When we replaced their old Nortel system, they had a local directory phone list of about 50 numbers. (From 1 to 60 with a few numbers skipped).

So I had configured the local directory with all those numbers and people without the SPA500S can use the local directory easily by entering the number and pressing the NumAbr (I guess it's SpeedDial or something in english).

Basically, you enter 24 then NumAbr and it dials the number in the list. That's fine.

Now, add the phones with SPA500S attached to it.

Those users are supervisors of sales staff, each supervisor has a region and about 20 guys on the road. Those supervisors wanted to have cell phones programmed in the SPA500S so they could press a button quickly and call their guys. BUT they would also like to be able to dial and have access to the local directory.

To make it clearer :

Phone 1 with SPA500S ->

Speed-dial 1 ->  95555555555

Local Directory

directory entry 1 95551231234 name SalesMan1

Now, all those with SPA500S will enter 1 and the SpeedDial button, but it's the 95555555555 that is dialed and not the 95551231234

Is it possible to have local directory that precedence over speeddial configuration?

Or is it possible to do what we want or by design this will not work?

Hopefully, I was clear enough, I sometimes feel like I have a hard time writing down the problems

Thanks guys!

David Trad
Rising star

Hi There,

I think I followed you, well at least I hope I did

Basically once you create a global corporate Directory I.E Abbreviated Dialing, every single phone on the UC-500 is able to access it, irrespective of its configuration or model/status.

However for those with the SPA-500s modules, you would be crazy not to configure speed-dials directly on the buttons if they have many to spare/burn, in CCA you would allocate a number (Using the access code plus the FNN) and add it to the button you wish for it to be a speed-dial, it is actually quite straight forward, but make sure you add them all in at the same time otherwise occasionally CCA will remove them without letting you know and the button no longer works.

Also I would strongly encourage you to test each button indapendantly and make sure it is dialling out the right number before you print out a new label sheet.

This is a method I have used multiple times over and is still the most common one till this day.



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I am not sure this is exactly what I was looking for...

What I meant was, is there a way for phones with SPA500S attached to their phones, to both :

-Enter two digits then AbbrDial and it will compose the corresponding number of the corporate directory

-Press a button on their SPA500S and it will compose the corresponding number in their speed-dial list

Basically, consider this code


directory entry 1 95551231234 name Contact1

directory entry 2 95551112222 name Contact2

directory entry 3 95553332222 name Contact3

ephone  5

username "Supervisor1" password 123456

speed-dial 1 94441112222 label "Salesman1"

speed-dial 2 96667778888 label "Salesman2"

speed-dial 3 97773332222 label "Salesman3"

type 525G2 addon 1 500S

What would be nice, is that I could press 1, then AbbrDial and it will compose 95551231234

And I could press the first button on the SPA500S and it would compose 94441112222

But right now, for those with a speedial list, if I press 1 then AbbrDial, it will compose 94441112222 so I kind of loose the corporate directory (I know I can access it with the menus but still...)

I guess that's not possible anyway, so my best chance would be to a second SPA500S for those who already have one, that way I will have all the speeddial buttons I need?


Finally, I "fixed" the problem by simply renumbering the directory entries to 50 and up.

So basically, 1 to 32 are reserved for speed-dials (used by people having the SPA500S) and 50 to 99 are used for corporate directory entries. I am limited to 50 directory entries (could add numbers from 33 to 49 also) but the client is fine with that, at least for now.

Just wanted to let you know.