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SR520W to C881W

I'm a novice on the UC500 line, but I know I was looking at selling this line to customers. 

Recently I was looking at the quoting tool which was pricing out a SR520W-FE-K9 for a remote site.  However, I'm not sure why the quoting tool (and why I can't seem to find any docs here on the SBCS site - all seem to reference SR520 as the one and only way of going with remote sites without mutliple uc500s) is referencing this as it is EOL.  I can order it for the next week, but I'm going to avoid that as it's EOL.  The EOL announcement references C881W-A-K9 as a replacement. 

1) Is this going to cause me any headache with CCA?  I'm assuming it's any easy setup, but I'm checking in here to verify that.

2) Is there going to be an update to the quoting tool or to sales/training material here to reference that this product is no longer for sale and should not be used for future deployments?


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SR520W to C881W


Have you had any luck looking for a cookbook on how to configure the UC500 to supoport remote sites with any SR520 replacement?

I was hoping that CCA 3.2 would support the CISCO886, but it just doesn't.




SR520W to C881W

Cisco do have a habit of making products EOL without a direct replacement. (see their recent NAS boxes and IP cameras)

WIthout using CCA it's possible to use a C881W-A-K9, but it will certainly be a 'headache' if you need to call TAC.

I am getting the distinct impression from Cisco that the new Busness 3000 unit is gearing up to completely replace the UC5xx and move all the support to TAC, so all multisite configurations will fall under TAC.

Maybe someone from Cisco will comment on CCA support for 88X routers this year?  I'm not holding my breath because 87x support was never added.