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Support for 7931G phones on BE3000

John Platts

I have looked at the data sheet and the software compatibility matrix for the BE3000, and I do not see the 7931G listed as one of the compatible phones. We have deployed over 80 7931G phones during the last 5 years, and we have customers who are still using this model. The 7931G is still in production and is not yet in end-of-life status. We are planning on migrating some of our UC520 customers over to the BE3000 solution next year, and we do need support for this IP phone model on the BE3000. We often deployed this model with the UC520 and UC540 because many of our customers need the extra buttons. Is the 7931G currently supported with the BE3000 solution? If not, are there plans to add support for the 7931G, and when will support for the 7931G be added?

Alternatives to deploying the 7931G:

  • Deploying 6961 IP phones. These phones do have 12 buttons and are supported on both UC500 and BE3000 platforms. However, we have customers that use more than 12 buttons on their phones, and some of these buttons are actually being used to monitor the extensions of the other users in the offices as well as for speed dials. The 7931G also has a larger LCD than the 6961 IP phone does.
  • Deploying 7962, 7965, or 7975 phones plus the 7915 expansion module. This option would give our customers the extra buttons that our customers need, but is more expensive than deploying 7931G or 6961 IP phones. These phones do have the larger LCD display, and the 7965 and 7975 phones also have a color screen and Gigabit Ethernet.
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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

7931G is not supported and there are no plans to support it.


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