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System crash upgrading UC520 to UC520-8.0.2

Guys I finally need your help..  I am working on my Demo unit becuase I have a demo tomorrow and of course I had to upgrade the IOS.  The system is now crashed and stuck in a crash reboot.  I can get into ROMMON mode and download an older IOS and the system will start up.  If I perform the upgrade again, I can get it to go successfully and then upon reboot the IOS firmware crashes and I can not get the unit to run.  The IOS version in the pack is uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.150-1.XA2 and I have CCA 2.2.2.

Well I worked on it for most of the day... got it to work, perormed an upgrade again and thought all was well... just tried to test it one more time.. and the same thing...  all LED lights are stuck on and the system crashes and keeps rebooting.

Is this a known bug?

Please help!


Re: System crash upgrading UC520 to UC520-8.0.2

Open a case is the best advise. If you are trying to fix all the phone loads on uc520 flash, they won't fit, and the older ios had a bug that could cause this...


Re: System crash upgrading UC520 to UC520-8.0.2


I am almost sure you are running into the Compact Flash problem when its get close to full capacity. Can you try replacing the CF card, or free up some space? We have an internal field notice. If you open a a TAC case and send me the case number I can share more details

Let us know,



Re: System crash upgrading UC520 to UC520-8.0.2

Marcos - this is not a flash issue...  Once I get a crash - I can TFTPDNLD the older XA1 code to the box and the system works fine..  I can reboot and it works.  I download a new Xa2 IOS down from Cisco and the system crashes..  Everytime I do the TFTPDNLD it reformats my flash card and I have to start from fresh all over again..  which is killing me by the way....

I actually got it to work today... since my flash card gets formatted, I have no Desktop folders or Phone loads or any system: folders... it is a real mess..  I am only uploading 525, 7940 7942 7970 and 7921firmware..  not all the phone loads.. so It is not getting full...

I had to download Xa1 to get it running..  Use CCA to upload file..  I had to perform a upgrade and I sellected "restore factory defaults" the CUE resets to default configs, the phone loads and all the folders get upgraded and then I had to wait until It said it was going to reboot... and I unplugged the ethernet to the box (to stop the reboot command)... then I delete the XA2 IOS from flash, then load TFTP server (while CCA is still loaded) and quickly hook ethernet back up and perform a TFTP download of the older XA1, then "write me" from the console and perform a reboot.

THis way I trick it to have the old IOS with the folder structure...  and it cam back up..    Again, I have CCA 2.2.2 and the latest IOS ZIP file..  make me scared to upgrade any clients...


Re: System crash upgrading UC520 to UC520-8.0.2

Hi John,

We have the same situation for one of our customer since November.

We still have a ticket opened with TAC and they don't find what is the source of the issue.

We already changed the entire hardware and upgrade to latest version of UC520 and problem still occurs.

How did you solve your issue ?