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the second line caller can overheard the call on the first line


     I have a UC320 unit setup for 18 customers , with spa 512 phone, now sometimes when the  receptionist transfer the call  to the user while he is on the line, the second caller can overheard the first line talk. it happend occassionally  and randomly to different phones.  it is now becoming  a problem. 

    the receptionist uses a spa 504g with a 24 button sidecar. we defind the sidecar buttons as "monitor phones" for 18 phones, when the receptions make transfer, she just press the predefined button and the phone is transfered.

    The below is the detailed ticket description:

DANY was on a call with phone# XXX-335-2291 at 9:10am this morning and I transferred a call to her from Moniker Parts, phone number XXX-268-0396 using my switchboard soft keys (her light was red) and the person from Moniker Parts was able to hear her conversation

How can I solve this problem

Thank you in advance



Hi Rex,

The 2nd line caller should hear the music on hold when SPA514 phone user puts him/her on hold to answer another call. Did you mean that this user can hear the mix of music and the conversation? The inbound call being transferred was from SIP trunk or FXO?

Best regards,



Hi Wendy.

My name is Ted and I am posting on behalf of Rex. I just want to claify something about this issue.

This is what is happening:

A user is currently in the middle of a conversation.

The receptionist receives another call and transfers that incoming call to the user who is currently in the middle of a conversation. Normally the caller that is being put through, should hear a ringing sound, and the user can put the current conversation on hold and answer the incoming call, or let it go to voicemail.

What sometimes happens is; when the receptionist is transferring a call to that user, the caller gets "conferenced" into the conversation, and can hear the user and the 1st callers conversations.

Although the behavour is not like a conference call, because the incoming caller cannot be heard by the two parties.

They are using SIP trunks.

The receptionist is using the Expansion Module SPA500, and transfers all calls using a soft key (the light is red, because the user is currently in a call). 8 out of 10 times, the transfer happens without problems, but sometimes, the person gets transferred right into their conversation.

Thank you for all your help and suggestions with this issue!