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the UC540 does not boot

I have this problem:

I tried to upgrade the UC540 by CCA but always failed. after several attempts, I tried to take him by the CCA to default settings and told me to first upgrade the software version UC540 (issue that could not do before).

I went to the console and copy the default configuration file that was in the system directory to the startup config and did a reload.

now the UC540 does not boot.

I need help:

- Get to boot

- Take it to the default configuration

- Reset the CUE

Thanks to all who help.

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the UC540 does not boot

If there is no serial console output, and cable and USB adapter are confirmed good, then unit is faulty and has to be replaced.

Other that that if you want to save time and get practical results, use CLI.

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the UC540 does not boot

Hi Robert,

Extract the software pack and inside of it you will see a series of default templates, from there my recommendations would be as follows:

  1. Remove the Compact Flash Card  and connect it to a compact flash card reader
  2. Delete the existing IOS file on there and replace with the one from the software pack, make sure it is the right one that is required for your system build as there may be more than one in there
  3. Copy over the default configuration file that is also right for your system, so if it is an FXO system copy over the FXO version, if it is a BRI system then make sure you copy that over, you must have the right one meant for your system
  4. Put the Comapct flash card back into the system
  5. Connect a console cable to the system and to your PC and putty in there
  6. Verify it is booting and if so do a copy to start
  7. Reboot the system

That should help you to get it back online again, and then I would recommend you use CCA to reset it back to defaults one more time to ensure all the right files are on the flash card that should be there and in their right structure.

Further to that, I would recommends you use a system that has nothing installed on it such Antivirus software and with the Windows firewall turned off, this way you have a clean system to work with, and also make sure that the PC is NOT connected to any networks at the time and is directly connected into the UC when performing any of the above.


David Trad.

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