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The WAN Connection issue....


have recently installed the UC320W in our office and generally it's working fine except for the well documented WAN conflict issue.  Generally, I would leave the WAN cable disconnected & just live, but I would love to have the voicemail to email feature work as well as the NTP time support.    

>>We have many employees that frequently travel and there is an inherent benefit to the voicemail to email feature that is a bummer to lose out on.   

>>Also, I assume scheduled backups and reboots are somewhat based on the time support so it would be great to be confident those were happening as intended.  

We are based in the US and have two Comcast Cable Modems connected to our network via a SYSWAN DUOLINKS SW24 which then goes into a fairly standard small business network using a Windows server as DHCP Server.    Currently I connect the UC320W via the switch LAN ports to a switch previously on the network.    I have the UC320W set to 'route voice only'  with Static IP details entered (I prefer having devices like this have fixed IP addresses so I can manage them easily)

As I previously noted, Voice LAN is working to satisfaction, and when WAN is not connected Data LAN works fine and 'routes correctly' via SYSWAN et al.   I've tried numerous ways to connect the WAN cable (for example: jumping over SYSWAN) but all methods tried to date just create a conflict, usually either impacting Internet connection or IP assignment for PC's or Phones.  

Anybody have successful work-arounds that I could source from this crowd and try to implement?

Thanks for your help.  

[running seperate cable for the phones is out of the question as that was much of the allure of the IP Phones]

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Re: The WAN Connection issue....

Have not had this issue, until today.

Client has Charter Business Fiber, a Cisco router that splits their fiber into the client's linksys router and into an Adtran that handles the SIP.

We tried this:

Adtran wan port to client's LAN switch. Adtran set to
UC LAN port to switch, set to
Charter router hooked to gigabit switch
Linksys router coming from that switch. Set to one of the outside ips
Uc wan port coming from that switch set to another outside ip
Linksys switch set to LAN ip of and connected to LAN sg switch

This was great.... Everything worked for us, except calls.
We had it working at one point, but something changed in the provider config. Then one way audio.

Another call to charter and they said they needed the adtran to be on the uc WAN port.

Anyway, long story short, this uc now has no Internet access.

Used pmf to set an internal ntp server, but no voicemail to email.


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Re: The WAN Connection issue....

Could you have another ethernet router that seperates your voice lan from your data lan?