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TimeCardView UC540 - Start and end times missing?

Ryan Sweet

We're evaluating TimeCardView on a UC540 for one of our customers. I like the interface on the UC540 and the idea behind the system. However, it appears to me that TimeCardView (at least on the UC540) only stores the number of hours per day an employee has worked, been on lunch and break which is only half of the information we need. The critical piece of missing information here is the times that the employee did each of these things.

Their shift start and end times, break start and end times and lunch start and end times are all not viewable through the CUE GUI nor do they show up in a CSV export. It looks to me like these pieces of information are simply not stored by the system. Can anyone confirm if this data is stored by the system and/or point me towards how to access this data?

If this time data is not recorded by TimeCardView this represents a huge reduction in the value of the system. Some customers may have a few employees that they only need to track the number of hours worked in a day. However, most customers will want to track the schedule of their hourly employees, both for management purposes (e.g. wow, this employee has been showing up to work an hour late and taking their lunch at 9:15 which creates a huge gap in our phone coverage) and HR purposes (e.g. yes Bob/Bob's attorney/OSHA, we do have the data on the hours Bob worked to prove we haven't been violating any laws or underpaying him).

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Marcos Hernandez

That would be correct. Currenty, a TCV timesheet only presents:

• A line item for each of the date(s) in the period you specified when an employee clocked in or out

• The number of hours in each of the states, Work, Break, Lunch, Overtime

• Any text entered in the Remarks field

• A checkbox indicating approval of the timesheet,

• The name of the person who edited the item (if it was edited)

• Whether or not the data has been transferred to QuickBooks (synched).



Are there plans to add this much needed capability? Thanks.

Hi Ryan,

I contacted our UC500 Product Manager, and he is forwarding this feature request (this thread) to the Access Router technology Group Product Manager who owns TCV (we inherit its operation in UC500 from the Enterprise BU).   Hopefully, we will have a post soon as to the future plans for TCV.

As long as I have your attention, I wanted to let you know, that until the next rlease of CUE (in the next UC500 bundle zip), the TCV is limited to 8 users and cant currently (8.0.2) be expanded.    If you are looking at deployment in less than a month, this could be a concern for you and I dont want you to be surprised by this.


US Sales team

have the start and end times been added?  We want to see if your employees were late.

No, it does not appear to have been added. It also appears that TCV is EOL.

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