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Transfer UC500 from ISDN line to analog line

We have UC500 and CE520 based on 10 Singtel ISDN lines.

But we want to unsubscribe the 10 ISDN lines and subscribe 3 Singtel analog line,

3 Singtel analog line externaly incoming to UC 500, 8 phone internaly from UC 500.

Does UC500 support such analog line?

Thanks a lot!

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Louis,

Yes this is possible, you will need to configure the UC-500 to change from BRI configuration to Analogue, the question is how are you going to do this?

Will you be making the configuration changes via CLI or will you be able to use CCA?

What you are asking for is entirley possible, and can be configured quite easily on the system and I would even encourage you to use the assistance of Cisco Support to make the configuration changes (Assuming you still have a maintenance contract on the appliance).

If you do not have an active contract on the appliance, please advise and I would be more than happy to try and assist you with the configuration change, the question will be at the time how you would want to do this

Also please advise if the UC-550 comes with FXO ports and FXS ports on the appliance, maybe even take a picture of the front of it and post it up here



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