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translation rule to show main number

When I call out on my sip trunk I would like my main company number to show insead of the sip number.  Does anyone have a step-by-step on how to do this?  Thx.

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Re: translation rule to show main number

If you use CCA 2.1 then its in the outbound dial plan.

If its CLI - then here is a sample option:

voice translation-rule 1111
rule 15 /.*/ /4085551000/


voice translation-profile PSTN_Outgoing
translate calling 1111


dial-peer voice 1024 voip
description **CCA*North American*10-Digit Local**
translation-profile outgoing PSTN_Outgoing


Re: translation rule to show main number

Unfortunately that doesn't work for me.  That's what I have right now except I have the number of my sip trunk.  When I change it to my main number that I want displayed, I get "Unknown Number" when I dial out.


Re: translation rule to show main number

Where do you see Unknown number - on the called phone?

Gather the logs per below for an outbound call that does not have the right caller ID per your description:

If calls are not being able to be placed to / from the UC500 to the SIP or the registration has failed, go to Troubleshoot > Telephony Diagnostics > Voice Debug Log. Select device, check VoIP (SIP) and click Apply Debug. Make the failed call or the event, save log file to Log File Directory and click on Generate Troubleshooting Log. Then click OK to disable debug logging.

Send us the logs and will take a look.


Re: translation rule to show main number

My sip provider needs to see {mysipnumber@...} so when I use a translation rule that changes it to {mycompanynumber@...} then I get the unknow number.  So, I don't know if this is an issue for the sip provider or I can change it on the UC500.  I was just thinking that since I can insert the Caller-ID NAME of my choice, maybe I could do the same with the number.  Now, I can insert the number but when I do I get an Unknown Number.  At this point I don't understand the logic as to what needs to happen to satisfy a successful call completion with the sip provider and also spoof the caller-id NUMBER with my main company number.

Essentially I need to spoof the sip number with my main company number, but also be able to keep the dialing protocol that the sip provider needs, namely, {mysipnumber@...}.

I almost need to keep what I have but have some sort of command that sends a different caller-id NUMBER.  Maybe this goes on the dial-peer?

I've tried calling-info pstn-to-sip from number {mymaincompanynumber} at the sip-ua config line but again that gives me an Unknow Number.  When I change that exact line to to my sip providers number, the call goes through.  I can also remove the line completely and the call goes through.

Any thoughts?