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Translation rule uc540

I am not a CLI champion, but I need to have a translation rule to when my customer dials for example "86600" it would dial 800-555-1212. Could someone lend some help on the process that I would need to do please. Thanks Any CLI help would be apprictiated. I know what the translation rule would be but I don't know to to config.

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Re: Translation rule uc540

I wouldn't recommend translation rules for this, but bulk speed dials might be good for you.

Re: Translation rule uc540

Could you explain the process for the bulk speed dial entry. I don't want to create a txt document just want to create it from CLI.

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Re: Translation rule uc540

For bulk speed dials, there would need to be a text document.

It is still probably the better way to go.

The problem with translation rules is the small amount of rules that you can apply.  The translation rules attach to dial peers, which means it needs to match the dial peer.  When it matches the dial peer, you then apply the profile.  You can have 15 translations per profile.  So, it isn't as straight forward as the bulk speed dials.  Another option, if there are only a few entries, is to do abbrdial.

Setup entries as regular speed dials on the phone.  You could then press 4, then abbrdial, and the phone will dial speed dial 4.  Hope that helps.