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Trying to cet up configuration of new 303 phone - asls for username and password


(UK user here)

I have just had installed a BT VOIP line on my broadband.

I have bought a Cisco SPA 303 phone to use on it.  This is plugged in and I can see that it is connecting to the DHCP server etc.

When i use the browser based utility to setup the phone (i.e. I type in - the phone's IP address) it opens the simple utility page on the phone OK, but as soon as i try to save any of the SIP information to make the phone work, it requests a username ("spa user") and password when I want to setup the phone with the domains etc.

In documentation and online here I can only find reference to 'admin' and 'admin' as username and password, but these don't work.

I have done a factory reset on the phone menu; in the browser it still asks for username and password.

Help please?  Or should I just bite the bullet and order the BT provided pre-configured handset instead?

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OK, sorted this thanks!



i have the same problem\

How dit you solve it?

ACTUALLY Now realise the question you ask is different from the solution/issue I report on here, that after I unlocked my Cisco phones they still wouldn't work properly with the BT VOIP service (I say service but really it should be called a 'disgrace').  See below for what i remember about unlocking:

Oh, I didn''t really solve it - turned out that the BT service uses proprietary code in their VOIP service, so we could never get the Ciscos set up properly. Furthermore the solution BT had sold me was duff, they hadn't listened to my needs and requirements (one of which was multiple extensions able to transfer calls etc, which the simple BT service couldn't do).

Instead I cancelled the BT service and got back all the line charges etc as they agreed it had been misrepresented.  I then subscribed to a VOIP service provider called Voipfone, based in London Docklands, who got me up and running in about 20 minutes from start to finish, using the Ciscos!!!  I cannot praise their levels of service and knowledge enough, I have converted all our company's lines into VOIP and use them, it is cheap and excellent.  If you want more info just give me a shout.


Admin username and password.

I am struggling to remember what I did now.  I think it was making a complete factory reset, after which I think there is no password you just point browser at <ip address>/admin

But how did I do a reset when it is protected by the password that has been set?  I think I found a series of commands to put in the phone directly (rather than via browser) to reset it.  Sorry for my confusion but it was over a year ago.  It is certainly do-able, because I managed it.

But I stand by my answer above, seriously, bin BT and go to VOIPfone (or another 3rd party offering full hosted sip, my experience with them has so far been excellent.




ok thanks


will check it out in Holland


any ideas about a good provider?

in Holland





Sorry, no knowledge of Holland providers - there are a number of ISPs who offer this service - give VOIPfone a call and see what they can do for you or if they have any suggestions for the Netherlands.

Good luck

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