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Thomas Gruendler

Turn night service on or off from outside of office?

Have a client that turns night service on and off manually from the receptionist phone everyday.  The problem that I have is when the UC560 reboots, it automatically turns night-service off and the only way that I know of turning it back on is hitting the code on the receptionist phone.  I am doing some maintenance tonight on the phone system and need to reboot it and was wondering if there was a way to turn night-service on after the reboot through CLI?  Or should I just put in a night-service time to start a little bit after I reboot the system and then remove that line tomorrow when they get in the office and turn it off manually?

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Thomas,

Not aware of any way to manually set NS mode from a remote location.

If you are confident with the work you are doing will not have an adverse effect after reboot, you can then set the reboot to take place 30 minutes before opening time, or 15 minutes as it will take about 3 minutes for everything to come back online.

I cannot remember the command line for this, but It will be something like:

ROUTER# reboot set 14 hours < Or something similar, just do the question mark after the word reboot and it will set out the options available to you.

This is the way I did it many times in the past as I didn't have an alternative then, not sure if there is one now.



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