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Two UC560 on virtually the same site



we have 2 offices next to each other and connected to each other with a direct connection. So virtually the network falls on the same subnet. We are putting in one UC560 on each office(UC1 and UC2), each system has 4 FXO lines coming in.

So we want to put UC1 and UC2 on the same voice VLAN and same data VLAN, so that if people move from one office to another, they can simply move their phones.

data vlan 1

voice vlan 100

UC1 will have IP and

UC2 will have IP and

does this make sense?

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David Trad
Rising star
Rising star

Hi There,

I understand what you are trying to do here, but I have serious concerns (And doubts) of it working, simply because the UC was not designed to operate in this fashion, having two systems on the same subnet for both the data and voice VLAN is not a recommended operating mode, I am not even convinced this would work

Ideally you with create a VPN tunnel between the two of them and have them on separate subnet's (VLAN-ID's can be the same though) and use Multi-Site configuration in CCA to create a multi-site service, and if possible setup Hot-Desking or something similar.

Alternatively, program each and every phone into both systems so that way they can make them mobile and connect them up to each system individually if need be, but you will see need to create a sanctioned connection between the two systems to allow for communications or call transferring between the two boxes.

The way you are suggesting to do it will most likley not be a CCA approved operation and you would have to revert to doing everything via CLI, and unless you are UC Express certified (Or the company is) then you will not even get CLI support.

Maybe someone else might have a way for you to do it, but in all likelihood, this will not work as you intend it too


David Trad.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your reply. So if we setup UC1 vlan 100 and UC2 as, then setup multisite config with CCA, it should work? Would it cause any problem if we leave the data vlan 1 on both UC1 and UC2? Since we are not using the UC560 for any DHCP, DNS, we have our own servers. Technically it should be ok?

Thanks again for your help.

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