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UC 320 - Call Conf Call Xfer; Hook Flash

Need to perform a "Call Conf Call Xfer" when inbound caller selects an option that dials an external number.  I cannot afford to tie up two lines.  This is a small office phone system solution and needs to support the needs of a small business.

At the very least the support for dial strings within Ext dial boxes.

Example:    ! = Hook/flash    , = pause     H = Hangup

Call comes into AutoAttendent.  Caller chooses 1 which calls dials external number.

Dial string looks like this.    !,,800number,,!,H

this would hook flash the line,  Pause, dial the number, Pause to wait for dialing, hook flash back to orginal caller (conf), wait to ensure call is connected, hang up.

Doesn't make sense that you have to use a 2nd line.  15 and 20 year old phone system support this, but Cisco can't get their heads out of the sand and reconize the importance here.

With all the business that have calls routed to call centers or answering services for after hours calls this would be welcome feature/fix.

Here's my main beef.  Let's say you have a business that forwards calls to an answering service after hours.  I have 4 FXO lines.

Call one comes in and is routed to the answering service on line 2, then a 2nd call comes in on line 3, and that call is rounted to the answering service on line 4. 

Better yet....  Business has 4 FX0 lines.  During business hours calls are coming in all the time.   Auto Attendent picks up.  Caller hears, "To make a payment by CC press 1".   UC 320 transfers the call to the external number of the CC payment company.  Again 2 of the 4 lines are used.   To make matters worse,  the 4th line is a DiD only to the business owner and isn't part of the normal business line options.  So really once the first call comes in and wants to pay by cc that's the only customer that can.

I can go on and on about why this feature is needed, but I think you get the point.