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UC 520 Call blast group only going to 1 person

I have a uc520 . we have several people on a hunt blast group.  I am having calls going to one extension most of the time . How do I verify the steps cme goes through for the call routing? why is it choosing this specific extension over the rest and not all the time, just off and on.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Wayne,

Is this system configured with CCA or CLI?

Knowing the above ensures the right advise is given.



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HI David,

Unfortunately, it has been done with both. I am the third tech there that I know of. The other techs made changes and then the client started having issues. Not sure what they did or which config method they used as they are no longer around. I have access to both.


Have you checked your translation patterns for incoming calls?  Are you certain that they are pointing to the blast group and not to just that one extension?  An edited copy of your dial plan config might be helpful as well.

yes,  translation works.when the call comes in goes to the welcome message. When the client selects #1, it gets transferred to what is suppose to be the blast group.  Crazy thing is, the blast group works off and on. Yesterday they had about 25 or 30 calls and out of those, maybe 10 went just directly to the single extension.


So it's going to an Auto Attendant first, then to the blast group from an option on the AA menu?  Can you explain a little more what the digit options are?  What number your blast group is?  Can you send the snippet of your blast group config from CLI?

not sure I understand what you mean on the digit options. here is the blast group

voice hunt-group 1 parallel

final 5600

list 5135,5136,5137,5138,5139,5141,5140,5142,5143,5147,5150,5158,5156,5159

timeout 20

pilot 5001

voice hunt-group 1 parallel

without the last line, not sure why it duplicated that, just a typo

The digits that the customer would press to get transferred to this blast group. And which extension is it going to when it rings only one?

customer presses 1 from the AA. it keeps going to 5147

I know you've probably checked it, but are there are any other hunt groups that may have the pilot extension of 5001?  Can you attach or copy your configuration into this thread.  Without passwords/IP addresses or anything sensitive of course.  Or, you can send it to my email address if you don't want to post them publicly.

I have 2 other hunt groups. they both look similar to this. I would send you my config, but it would take me an hour to blank out all the ip's and stuff and I don't think the client would appreciate it. Thank you for your help though, I really appreciate it. Each hunt group has a different pilot number.

ephone-hunt 3 longest-idle

pilot 5003

list 5137, 5147

final 5600

timeout 12, 12

no-reg pilot

statistics collect

description My American

Might be time for a TAC case.  My best guess, without the config, would be that there is another extension/huntgroup that has the same pilot number as the correct hunt group.  The other option would be that there is something misconfigured in the incoming AA.

yea,  I was think of the AA. I have a call into TAC. thanks, I'll let you know what the out come is.