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UC 520 does not reboot after power outage

How do I fix the problem with UC520 which does not re-boot after power outage?


Does any one know how to resolve the issue? UC 520 does not reboot after power outage and when the power comes back.

Power cable is fine. The issue is with the continuous loop. It soounds like it is trying to reboot, but the fan does not slow down and the UC520 does not reboot. I don't have the contract which expired a while ago. It's not worth spending another $400 for renewal. This UC520 is my demo unit. I am a Cisco partner. I also have another demo unit UC560 which does not connect to CCA when I try to create and add UC560 to a new site. Again, I have already spent a lot of money on these demo units. It's disappointing. Pl. let me know how to fix these issues.

I don't know if the UC520 has gone into ROMON mode. How do I find out? I plugged in the console cable into the console port and my laptop. I tried ipconfig/all. I don't see anything about ROMON. Pl. let me know how to do this CLI.


Ok - We need to use the serial port - have you conected the console cable usually blue and connected it to the console port on the UC520 and opened up a putty session on the serial connection?

Or how have you connected into the UC520 console port?

Once we establish how you are connected we can go to the next step....

I have connected one end of the blue console cable to the console port on UC520 and the other end to my laptop USB port.

Ok - great - Do you know what com port the USB adapter is using on your computer?

You can find this out by going into the device manager of your laptop and look for Ports (Com and LPT) you should be able to see the serial adapter and what Com port it is using - Do you have putty on the laptop?

I don't have putty o my laptop. I can't find the port information in device manager on this 7 year old laptop. I can see USB Controllers info and the USB Root Hub info, but I don't know if I have Com3 on my laptop. I used this same laptop previously for console use.

Ok - Not to worry.... Download putty if you can then once you have it click on the serial connection make sure it is 9600 and change the com port to COM3 if that is what you think the serial adapter is on...

Once you are there let me know....

I have opened PuTTY 9600 speed with the assumption of Com3.

Do you see any out put from the putty session? If not power off and power on the UC520 and see if you see the device boot... If you get no ouptut from the UC520 - you maybe using the wrong serial port.... and we may need to look for usb to serial adapter under the com port on the device manager....

Try that and let me know how you get on?

I don't see any out put even after OFF and ON of the UC520.

I am not convinced you are using the correct com port from your laptop can you go into device manager and do a print screen for me and post it here and I will try and guide you through it....

Now I can see the Ports (COM & LPT) and the USB 2.0. It says that I need to reinstall the driver. Take a look at the screen shot. Thank you for your patience. Pl. bear with me.uc520-reboot.bmp

No Problem - Slowly but surely is always the way... Let me know once you are ready....

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