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UC300 / UC320 Caller ID

Does the UC300/320 forward the Caller ID when it comes in?

Is it possible to append information depending on the AA options? (for exemple, caller id "Eric"chooses Sales and when the phone rings, the sale guy see "Sales-Eric  -  555-555-1234" 

We have certain people that do multiple task and we use this feature to know how to answer.

Will the caller id be pushed out when we receive a call and then blind-xfer out to an external rep cell phone (our provider supports this w/sip)

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Anthony,

Just in case you are not aware of it, there is a UC-300 section which would get you UC-300 specific answers

I cannot see where this can be done in the way your asking, but as I understand it right now it does pass on the CLID, but I would need to test this scenario out to see if it would work.

I dare say someone who has done more full and complex testing than what I have had the chance to do, would be able to better answer you.



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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Hi Anthony;

With regards of first question, we cannot modify incoming caller ID, our recommendation if you have a multi-tenant attendant is to have separate extension number to each behavior (you will need a multiline phone for ease of identification), attendant will know how to answer per each line key (extension) ringing. You can map then each private extension to each hunt group mapped on the AA.

On the second question, let me check, I believe answer is yes but will check and get back to you.


I use to do that, then i dicovered that adding preffix to the CID is more visual and much less configuration. In some configuration the multiple extention works better since we can have a seperate ring style for each extention.

Actually in Asterisk, the configuration was not done in the auto Attendent but when creating Ring Groups.  We are windows specialist no nothing about linux specialist, I cannot resell asterisk since are internal test system keeps getting hacked 

Since our customer target are SMB this product is exactly in the price point that we are looking for.

Is there a Limit to the number of extentions i can create? 


Actually no limit other than the line keys of the phone. This is what the configuration utility tracks...can create as many extensions as available buttons on the phone.



Great! thats solve this issue for me, multiple extentions it will be for the moment!

Sure beats being hacked every few months