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UC320 Call Forwarding

I am having issues call forwarding a call to an outside line. I can call forward from the first button but why cant I set up call forwarding off any additional buttons. If I create a second button for a user, I cant forward that call. The way I have it set up is that all users have an individual extension as their top button. There then is a second button which is a shared fxo line for incoming calls on a few users. After hours since all calls come into that shared FXO line, we need to be able to call forward those calls. So how can I call forward a shared fxo line? When I select the button and press the call forward soft key it doesnt work. Anyone else run into a similar issue?

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UC320 Call Forwarding

Hi Pedro,

I assume when you are talking about Call Forwarding you are talking about using the Call Forward All softkey on the phone and not via the UC320W Call forward no answer provisioning... 

For the Shared FXO there isn't a way a user can CFA that line in the system.  A possible workaround would be to setup an extra phone and make the Shared FXO CFNA to that phones' private extension.  You could then CFA that private extension to where you want to route the call.

In the upcoming 2.1 release we will have a (system) night call forward option.  When in Night mode you could have a different call forward no answer target.

Hope this helps.