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UC320 Dropping calls / intermittent SPA303 handset freezing

Hi all,

We're having some issues with our Cisco UC320 system that we currently run with 13 SPA303 handsets.

Inbound calls occassionally drop and we have noticed that our lead (first rining handset) in the hunt group often freezes and needs to be manually rebooted back to life.  This freezing behaviour is also exhibited by other handets in the group at random intervals.

We are running the latest firmware on the UC320 which is 2.2.2.  The SPA303 handsets are running firmware 7.8.1 (RC1).

Any help or troubleshooting steps you could recommend would be of great benefit to us.

Many thanks.


Cisco Employee

Hi Daniel,

Please open a Cisco Small Business support case on the issue you are seeing.

After the case is open please upload your UC320W configuration into the case by the following steps:

Login to UC320W configuration utility -> select services (upper right corner) -> Feedback -> Category (drop down) -> Support Center Case Feedback -> Enter SR Case ID and send

Depending on your phone configuration,  add the primary extension on the next line button so each phone can support 4 active calls insted of 2.



Hi Randy,

I don't seem to have the ability to do this.  If we haven't purchased a support contract with the system - what support options do we have?

Kind Regards,


Paul Williamson

Hi Daniel,

I'm having some similar problems:

Did you get your problem fixed?  If so, how was it fixed?

Look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Paul,

Thanks for your message.

I haven't had any luck resolving this issue yet.

Kind Regards,


Hi Daniel,

The UC320 has a standard warranty WARR-1YR-RTF-HW. This will  entitle you to 8x5 local support, Monday through Friday, and if a warranty is  determined, it is return to factory, not advance replacement. If you have owned  the device for less than 1 year, you are entitled to this support level. If the  default warranty show your product is out of warranty, but you own the device  less than 1 year, the original invoice showing the purchase date, purchase  location and purchase price can update the entitlement. If you have owned the  device more than 1 year, you can purchase the con-sbs-svc2 contract for the  8x5xNBD support.

Cindy Toy
Cisco Small Business Community Manager
for Cisco Small Business Products
twitter: CiscoSBsupport

Regards, Cindy If my response answered your question, please mark the response as answered. Thank you!

Hello again Daniel,

I left a message here the other day which you replied to as I was experiencing a similar problem (not exactly the same but with the unit dropping calls) and I think I have found the root of the problem.  I don't know if this will be of any help to you but it is perhaps worth a try.

If you have a look at my post timestamped at 11-Sep-2012 02:47 in the following thread:

It may prove useful.

All the best,


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