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UC320 with Unified CallConnector

Are these products compatable?

We were looking at quoting a UC500 with Unified CallConnector, but the client is wanting a cheaper option. Would the UC320 work with CallConnector (integration with Microsoft CRM).

Many thanks,


Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi Christopher,

In the 2.0 release of the UC320W we don't have a Cisco supported CallConnector, but if you search the discussion forums I do remember a couple of posts from a 3rd party vendor that was suggesting they would have a callconnector for 2.0.  I believe we have on the feature list a Call Connector for a future feature release.


I do have to mention that the 3rd party Call Connector is not supported by Cisco.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Christopher,

There is one known 3rd party that appears to be compatible (On the surface) with the UC-320W, however I have not put this to test yet and am waiting on budget approval to purchase it and see how it operates.

Call Control or as they put it "Call Ctrl" can be seen HERE

As it stands there is nothing else out there that I am aware that works with the 320, but it couldn't be all that hard to have one made up since it uses industry standards such as SIP, the question is how open has Cisco made the appliance to allow for a 3rd party to control certain aspects of the system (Highly doubtful).

And has already been stated, this would not be a supported feature... Explicitly

I would hope by firmware version 2.1 or 2.2 they have something in place, in theory they could incorporate this into the system itself and provide web access to this and use the Drag and Drop feature that comes with flash to make it work (Very much like how the ones for Asterisk work).



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I emailed back and forth with Call Control and there is something that Cisco is doing with the integration between the 525 phones and the uc320 that prevents their software from working correctly with the uc320.

They are continuing to work on the issue though.