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UC320W FXO caller ID issue


Was anyone able to fix caller ID issue on FXO lines. I am on software 2.0.9(3) and getting fxo1 when call comes in.


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UC320W FXO caller ID issue


Caller ID works fine in most cases. I would try the following as in the troubleshooting guide here:

Wrong or Missing Caller ID

  • Caller ID signaling from the PSTN occurs between the first and second ring on incoming FXO Calls.
  • If you sometimes see an incorrect or no Caller ID on an incoming call.  Take the following steps:       
    • Make test calls to try and determine which FXO port is failing to provide Caller ID.
    • Disconnect   the Line from the UC320W and connect a POTS phone (or Buttset) that  provides Caller ID to determine if it is being sent from the Service  Provider.       
      • If Caller ID is not provided to the POTS phone (or Buttset), take the following additional steps:       
        • Check for cabling issues or look for sources of signaling impairments (cross connected cables, shorted wires, etc).
        • If  you can't identify a physical issue with a certain line, make a note  of  the line number and open a trouble ticket with the Service  Provider  to make sure the feature is enabled for that line.
      • If Caller ID is provided to the POTS phone but not the UC320W on a certain line.
        • Check to see if the Rx Gain has been increased on this FXO port and try lower the value to see if it resolves the issue.
        • If   not, get a full trace of an incoming call with the specific FXO line   enabled (Make sure Show SIP Only is not checked) using the UC320W  Configuration Utility's Status/Troubleshooting  page.
        • Open a trouble ticket with the Cisco Small Business Support Center.

Re: UC320W FXO caller ID issue

Thanks Navin

I will try it.