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Brian Harriss

UC320W - Send all lines (including shared) to AA?

Here is my customer's setup:

They have a UC320w & SPA8800, 6 FXO lines coming in. 3 of the lines have a caller ID "Company Group A" and 3 have "Company Group B". Out of thier 15 phones, 8 of them are for Group A and 7 for Group B. When they make outbound calls they want to make sure Caller ID displays their group correctly, so I set up a blended system with the Group A lines as Shared FXO, don't include in outbound calling and Group B lines are just left alone. That way, Group A directly pushes one of the Shared FXO lines to make a phone call, and Group B pushes 9+number. So far, so good.

Now, they want all incoming calls to be routed to the Auto Attendant. This is no problem for the Group B lines, but I don't see how I can automatically route the shared FXO lines to go directly to the AA. There is an option to forward the shared FXO lines to AA, but the smallest time you can associate with it is 5 seconds, not 0.

is there a way to set the shared FXO lines to immediately forward to the AA?

If not, is there a different way I can configure this to work? I was hoping I could make 2 trunks out of the FXO lines, so group A could dial 8+number and group B could dial 9+number, but I don't see how to set that up with only FXO lines.



Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi Brian,

It sounds like your request is for the ability to select and associate specific FXO ports with a particular steering digit (8 or 9).  I'll talk to engineering and see if there is something that can be done in the future.  If the customer was open to using SIP trunks instead of FXO trunks, then this can be accomplished in the 2.1.0 Release Candidate firmware where users or groups can configured to use specific DIDs for outbound calls.


Hi Chris,

Yep, that was my primary question, along with "How can I make shared FXO lines route somewhere else, like AA?" Fortunately, I stumbled on the answer to the second question while reading some of your other replies in this topic thread. My solution for now was to turn on Day/Night call routing (the customer wasn't using the feature), made the schedule so that the company was always on the Night schedule, and routed the shared FXO lines to the AA.


Excellent news.  Glad you found a solution that works for you and thanks for sharing it here!