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Thiago Cella

UC320W + SFE2000P + SPA501G

Hi Friends,

I configured this equipaments:

UC320W - As Voip GW

SFE2000P - Vlan 10 - Data, Vlan 100 Voice,

Port trunk to UC320 is : Vlan 10 Untagged, Vlan 100 Tagged

Port trunk to SPA 501G Phones are : Vlan 10 tagged, Vlan 100 Untagged

In this scenario, the phones are registering on UC320W, but the PC Port on SPA501G phones aren´t working with vlan 10. I saw in the web of SPA Phones that on SW Port the vlan is 1 , and the PC Port is vlan 1 too, but it is impossible to change, how can i change?


Cisco Employee


The UC320W has the following VLANs set as default values

Data VLAN 1 untagged

Voice VLAN 100 Tagged

The UC320W provides the VLAN configuration for each phones voice and data VLAN values and thus gets set as VLAN1 untagged and VLAN100 Tagged. The phones SW port is assigned to  VLAN 100 via CDP message exchange between the phone and UC320W.  The data port VLAN is configured from UC320W pushing the configuration to each phone and thus the default VLAN 1 untagged.

Please try to reconfigure the SFE2000P to use data as VLAN 1 untagged.



Hi Randall,

I´ve changed the DATA vlan to 1, and set vlan 1 untagged and vlan 100 tagged, but the phone is rebooting.

The phone only register on UC320W if the vlan 100 is Untagged the trunk port to phone, but the PC Port stay with vlan 100 too, and its impossible to change Vlan of PC Port, how can i change the Vlan PC port?


As i commented in the last post, if only i set the port on switch as trunk and vlan 100 untagged to SW port to SPA501G, the PC port works with vlan 100 too, the problem is that DHCP from UC320W (Voice Vlan) dont deploy IP of DNS server, just IP ADDRESS, MASK, DG.

Is there way to set DNS to DHCP scope from voice vlan by PMF file?



The UC320W is designed to operate with voice and data on seperate VLAN's.  The SFE2000P was not officially tested with UC320W.   In parallel the team is checking if a configuration with SFE2000P and UC320W can be obtained. 

The UC320W is tested with Cisco Small Buisness 300 and 500 series of switches.  I wll check with our marketing group for a list of supported POE switches supported and interop tested with UC320W.




I am waiting!

Tks again!


Attached is PPT showing configuration of SFE2000P switch connected to UC320W switch and SPA50X phones.

I was able to connect a PC to phone PC port and have it obtain a IP address via Vlan 1 and the Phone obtained an IP address via the Voice Vlan 100.

This should assist with your switch configuration.



Tks Randall,

I will try your tips!! Tks

But for a test, i changed the switch to a 520, and worked . Another problem is happing, i configured the sip trunk on UC320W, and is registered , but the UC320 only foardwing the calls to SIP provider when I call to any international number, for example, if i call to local numbers, the phone stay mute, and after some seconds, the busy signal return. I´ve configured Privilegies groups correctly,tried reset the phones, and reconfugired again, but no sucess, what could be?



Hi Thiago,

When using a switch that does not recognize CDP you may have to add a PMF file to the UC to force the phones to boot to the proper VLAN’s.  I have used this file with the SFE switches in the past and found success with it.  Give it a try and let me know the results.  The link to the forum post and the file can be found below:

Thank you,

Jason Nickle

Jason Nickle

Tks for tip!!

Randall Bordner
TKs for your tutorial, was very helpful !!!!
Unfortunately, these suggestions didnt work for me.
To work i had this :
1- Put the Phones and UC320 on switch Catalyst Express 520, so phones were registered, and PC port was the right
2- After Phones were registered, i reinstall the phones and uc320w on switch SFE2000P, and Vlan configs on phones
worked, vla 100 on SW Port e vlan 1 on PC Port;
To other problem with dial-plan, i removed the last firmware of uc320 (UC320W_2.2.2_1_031512_1212.bin), and returned the firmware version to (UC320W_2.1.4_3_120111_1044.bin). After this downgrade, the all calls to outside worked!
Tks again

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One other thing we have seen that has caused similar problems was spanning tree.  The work around was to configure ports connected to SPA devices with the spanning tree portfast option.  This puts the port immediately in a forwarding state so the phone can see the CDP messages.  Normally, without this option the phone doesn't see any CDP traffic in the 30 seconds the port is in the listening and learning modes for spanning tree and assumes that there is no voice VLAN because it doesn't see any CDP packets advertising the voice VLAN.

As for the dial plan issue on 2.2.2, have you made sure that you have applied any region pack updates after upgrading to 2.2.2 release:

If you are still having problems with the latest region pack installed, then we need to get a case open with the Cisco Small Business support center.



The tutorial made by Randall Bordner , he teaches to set spanning tree port fast, unfortunately didnt work! . But as i said , i used the Catalyst 520 to UC320 find the phones and make the first configs, after this i back the SGE2000P and all works!

About dial plan, i am from Brazil , and dial plan for Brazil is incorporated with the 2.2.2 version .

I have another question, the Cisco has plans to implement VPN site to site in UC320, for example to remote extensions?

Again, i want to thank the your support !!!

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