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UC320W - softphone - remote worker


Are Cisco still working on a softphone to work with the UC320W, and the options to configure a phone like the SPA525G phone to work externally, or have both these enhancements been completely dropped?  They used to appear on the roadmap for the UC320W which of course is now non-existant.  I keep hoping to see either mentioned as a firmware enhancement but it never happens .

Tony Stewart


I’m was testing the uc320w at our own location. Buy it as I read the great Roadmap.

Was easy to configure the system. Works as they must. In the head they bringing some futures.

I’m lucky, we test such thing before we sell it. So we have only one system.

Most of the time I’m out of the office and work on the customer side. With the missing teleworker or softphone support I have to connect my mobile or notebook directly to the SIP provider. So.. the cisco uc320w is more a nice to have as an working unit for me. Also have lot of our customer more than one building and need a phone to go.

The price range was ideal to commit to the customer that we test a Cisco SIP solution. I mean, Cisco have a name. With the futures they will be a great product. But if they ask at the moment we have to regress our commitment.

We test actually another solution in the same price range and are happy with them.

Dear Rolf,

What is the solution which you are talking about? I ve the same problems as you so I'm also interested in that...

sent a pm

Please pm me the solution also.

I've been waiting over 18 months for teleworker and it seems like the UC320 is abandonware.

I'm fortunate that I only bought one unit and 4 SPA 500 phones to test at home before deploying in a production environment.

At the moment it functions as an expensive intercom system. Even the FXS port is unreliable and flakey.

I need something else and these will end up on eBay as soon as I have another solution.

This one product has shattered my confidence in Cisco. I have eliminated 2 switches, and one modem/router by Cisco; got rid of another joke of a product the AP541N which was the worst ever tech product I have tried to own.

The UC320W and phones remains my last Cisco product and I am looking forward to the day I can get rid of all them too.

Bye bye Cisco is all I can say.