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UC320W with HP Procurve Switches


Anyone using Procurve switches with these UC devices?

I tried tagging ports on my procurve for VLAN 10 and 100 but that still didnt work...

Anyway I'm running now on an unmanaged switch, but I want it to work on my switch whcih was a stack member.


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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi Brian,

The devices use Cisco Discover Protocol (CDP) to learn about the VLAN information.  HP Procurves are known to not forward CDP see:  Not sure if there are any settings to allow it to pass through.

The UC320 using VLAN 100 (tagged) for voice VLAN and VLAN 1 untagged for data traffic.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for this information Christopher, I'll see if there is a workaround for this.





I use the UC320W with an procurve (2610), and it works great!

I have a vlan-trunk from the uc320 to the 2610, and there i connected my phones to untagged vlan-100 ports.

As i mentioned: it works great

And: I can not agree to Chris` (sorry, no offense meant) claim regarding CDP:

my procurve can see ALL cisco neighbours, but my 2960's dont see my procurve.

So i use LLDP on both types of switches.



Hi Roland,

Yes, the the configuration you have built will work but I'll suggest that it is not optimal in that any PC's that are plugged into the back of the phones will be on the voice VLAN and could possibly impact voice quality on a busy network.

CDP is a layer 2 multicast protocol.  The Procurve switch may see the other Cisco endpoints, but the Procurve is not forwarding/broadcasting the CDP packets which contain the Voice VLAN: 100 field to the phones.  When the phones boot up they look for the CDP advertisements and specifically for that field.  If the phone sees the Voice VLAN field it will then tag the phones packets in VLAN 100 and DHCP for an IP in the voice VLAN.  If it doesn't see the CDP packet or a CDP packet with that field it will not tag the packet and will default to the native untagged VLAN.  In either case the PC port by default will always use the untagged native VLAN.

While the phones support LLDP, the UC320W does not.  In the UC320W solution CDP is the preferred mechanism for the phones to learn about the voice VLAN.

All Cisco Small Business Switches are preconfigured with CDP enabled and will advertise the Voice VLAN in their CDP messages.

Hope this helps explain what is happening.



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