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UC500 4 digit dialing and voicemail forwarding "UC500 site-to-site"

Hello propellar heads - A BIG 5 STARS for someone who can give me a quick and dirty example and summary of how to configure and do 4 digit dialing between 2 locations which are IP Connected via SIP Trunks and Voicemail forwarding.

This customer has 2 UC560's that are both using SIP Trunking. They also have 2 physically seperate Networks at each site. 1 for Voice, 1 for Data. At each site the UC560's have their own internet connection which in fact are SIP Trunks but they do also allow for VPN and split-tunneling.

As it stands, there is no IP Link between the two locations. My first item is to setup a static VPN Tunnel between locations, great. The second is to configure 4 digit dialing and 3rd is to allow Voicemails to be forwarded between the two UC560's.

It's the last 2 that I need help with. Can anyone provide instructions on how to setup 4 digit dialing between 2 UC560's and then how to forward Voicemails between the 2 boxes as well?

Thanks a lot.


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