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Ryan Mullenax

UC500 Admin password

i was configuring the VPN server today on a UC540.  the cca application crased while it was writing the config to the unit..  the unit still functions fine  but i have lost cca access to the router.  it just keeps prompting for the username and password..     it still lets me log in to CLI access using the previous username and password tho.

is there anyway to reset the password or create a new admin user with CLI access?

Yasien Adams


Can you log into CCA with the old username and password?

If not, and you have access to CLI with old username and password, then verify that the ip http server section is setup correctly.

im sorry i was scatter brained when i wrote the post.  i have the username and password  but it would appear that it no longer has level_15_access

i cannot login with cca  it just keeps reprompting me.

i CAN login with telnet and access the service in0/0 sess

and use the

username cisco password cisco

i know its not even remoteley clear in my original post but im wondering how to reset the permission level for this account back to 15

if you can log via telnet

then look for the username section.

it should read something like

username cisco password cisco pri 15

else just create a new account, as above, with new name and password


You probably won't be able to see the password in the running config since it is most likely encrypted. In addition, you need level 15 access to create a new user.

Here is the document that describes the password recovery process on a UC(even though it says 1700 and 1800 series this still applies to the UC):

Also, if you were doing that configuration over a VPN connection, that is not recommended as you will run into issues like this.



Hi, did you end up resolving this?